Across All Devices Is A MUST

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Everywhere we look people are using their cell phones or tablets to conduct google searches for businesses they spot while they are on the move.  In a recent study, 40% of people surveyed stated that they have gone to a competitor’s website when they had a terrible mobile experience.  

On top of this, the top search engines such as Google & Bing have made changes to their algorithms so that websites appear higher based on whether or not they work well on mobile devices.


Class Bravo Mockup Responsive

A frequent question I hear is why did Google or Bing do this? It’s easy, 60% of all google searches are conducted on a mobile device!  

If you own a website or are looking at creating an online presence for your business, you must ensure it is mobile friendly!

Mobile Websites and Responsive websites are the two different types of development methods you’ll hear about. Here at BizWeb.Dev we design websites to be responsive and hopefully this post explains why we believe a responsible website is the best option for small businesses.    

So what is the difference between a mobile and a responsive website?  Well the one main difference: a mobile website is typically a separate site from your main website that uses different images or assets. A mobile website is typically only designed for one screen size and requires multiple versions to be created, adding to the complexity of updating and changing the website.

A responsive website is designed to ensure your brand looks cohesive across all devices by automatically changing the layout based on the devices needs. A responsive website may change the font sizes, pictures and even the layout.   

This keeps the user on your main website and provides a better experience for traditional viewing. You can tell that you are on a responsive website when you make the window you are browsing in smaller or larger and the design of the website automatically changes to meet your needs.

Why does this matter? Users are used to being able to move their browser screens around and are looking for websites that are easy to use and understand. Unlike mobile websites it provides an optimized browsing experience.

In short, a responsive website is a website that optimizes itself based on the screen size and device being used to visit that website.

BizWeb.Dev is here to support you and your business that’s why we design websites to reach your audience regardless of the device being used.   

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Across All Devices Is A MUST

Everywhere we look people are using their cell phones or tablets to conduct google searches for businesses they spot while they are on the move.

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